February 9, 2016, 7:22 am

1 Month Loan – The Easy Way

Simple to understand interest, FREE 1 hour funding and NO hidden fees, could 1 month loans be any easier?

It would be more than fair to say that life has a habit of occasionally hitting us with the unexpected. It may be more appropriate however to say that ‘occasionally’ is far from the appropriate word, with the unexpected occurring practically on a daily basis.

The truth is, whether hit with unforseen costs such as a dental bill, car repair or if you simply find yourself unable to accept ‘zero’ as the end of your spending abilities, there are occurrences almost every day where a quick cash boost is less preferable and more imperative. Times like these may certainly call for a little outside assistance, this can be when a 1 month loan can be of particularly help.


Receive an instant 1 month loan today!


What is a 1 month loan?

Though occasionally the subject of unfair and unjust cynicism, payday loans provide the ideal solution to getting what you need or want, exactly when you want it.

Unlike the more traditional and widely known alternative, one month loans from payday providers are incredibly easy to apply for, requiring nothing more than a few minutes of your time and an internet connection. Of course, a few basic criteria must be met including date of birth and ability to pay the loan back, but other than that there is little else involved in seeing up to £1000 deposited in your account in less than an hour. Even the oft-macabre credit check has been abolished here with Simple Payday opening up the service to people of all backgrounds, including those with a less than perfect financial history.


How do these loans work?

The philosophy revolves around keeping the whole process as simple as possible, which is why you will never be asked to divulge your entire life story or even what you intend to spend the money on. In the world of emergency cash all that matters is that you can pay the money back as agreed, the rest is simply superfluous.

While major loans are excellent for the major purchases and investments in life, it is surprising how far £500 or £1000 can go when it is really needed. Preventing high interest charges from credit cards, securing a last-minute holiday bargain and so on, the list is literally endless.


Our loans are fast!

It cannot be ignored that these types of fast loans often pop up in anecdotes referring to those individuals in question facing substantial interest charges, but around 99% of the time this is nothing more than the result of dishonest borrowing by those refusing to comply with payment terms originally agreed on. Here a simple flat rate of £25 per £100 borrowed is charged on all loan amounts, which is guaranteed never to increase by a penny so long as the repayment agreement is upheld. Let’s be honest, this could hardly be referred to as either extortionate or unfair!

Our payday loan terms, conditions and charges are laid out in the simplest possible terms online for the consultation of any prospective 1 moth loan borrower – far in advance of entering into any contract. Indeed, any online payday lender not providing the same may well have something to hide, so be sure to stick with a name you can really trust.