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Offering guaranteed acceptance with no faxing


Applying for a payday loan can be fraught with a heady mixture of emotions. On one hand you are already in a difficult position as you have been left in a financial fix, this could include; overdue bills, bailiff threats, parking fines or worse no food in the cupboards. Thoughts and feelings will be heightened as will your tension levels as you desperately search for an answer to what has been an unexpected predicament.

What people in this situation are normally desperate for is a guarantee – this is when our guaranteed payday loans can help. We guarantee that we will review your application in the fairest way possible with no credit check and that if our lending department declines your application then we will match it with a guaranteed loan from a partner.

5 minute application

Being eligible for Guaranteed payday loans bad credit

Many of our previous customers are already eligible for short term payday loans, having previously borrowed with us; this guarantee also extends to competent first-time borrowers wanting a guaranteed cash advance with no faxing.

For us as a business model those seeking the option of guaranteed payday loans fall into the category of high priority customers, these customers are seeking the loan at a time when nothing but a guarantee that the money will be in their bank account – when it is stated, will do. This is the level of service we aim for with every single borrower that applies through our site, this is why the guaranteed payday loan customer represents the ethos we practice every working day.

  • Frequent review of practices
  • UK based company – contact us at any time
  • Super quick payday loan application method
  • Same day payday loans
  • Guaranteed service