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Payday loans with instant approval and funding – say goodbye to waiting

Instant decision and new FREE 1 hour funding


Our instant payday advances allow you to get the money you need in as little as 1 hour; this is because the process encompasses all the aspects that make the payday lending process the most convenient. This includes the fact customers will not be asked to fax in any documents or verify any details by phone. That’s right everything is done through the wonderful world of the Internet. The moment you press that submit button you will know your online loan request has been received and you will get an instant decision.

An immediate payday loan is more than the above; it is also the fact that it is deposited within the fastest time possible. Make an application here with Simple Payday and we will get the cash advance to you in under 1 hour, sometimes within 30 minutes, now that is instant.

Payday loans online application

Uses of instant cash loans

The varying climates we are now experiencing in the UK means that where once everyday activities were once easy to predict and prepare for, even mundanely so, now even the simplest of day to day activities can lead you into a financial quagmire. An example of this are vet bills. More and more our loved cats and dogs are becoming prone to the sudden changes in temperatures and the hazards that come with that. These unexpected costs can strike at any given moment and it is for this reason why instant finance, when we need it, is a real life-saver.

Another casualty of the weather – hot or cold, can be our motor vehicles; causing the engines to overheat or freeze up. This is a well known money pit when something goes wrong. You take it to the garage and the long drawn out humming of the mechanic might as well be a warning claxon that you are heading for a serious financial dip into the proverbial pocket. When cash is tight and these claxons are sounding look no further than an cash advance online that can be in your pocket within the hour. This can save you an exorbitant amount of worry if you have to use your vehicle for work or necessary journeys.


Bridging a gap in the loan market

The need for short-term instant loans became apparent to us when we first started within the payday loan lending industry. This type of credit is taken out because it is an on the spot payment to the borrower. We found that many payday loan lenders were promising this instant payday loan deal yet the customer often was asked for further details, further delaying the loan and the convenience of the service. This varied from being asked for proof of employment to the need for some payday loan companies actually contacting the employer! We will NEVER contact your employer or place of work, this, along with many other aspects of the payday process, is one we just didn’t agree with or understand. Flying in the face of this delayed operation our service is one that has been noted, on a daily basis, as ‘straight direct payday lending at its best’.

Clear and concise payday loans

Again read through our site and see how it all works and what you need to qualify, it really is straight-forward, this is why we just don’t understand why so many other companies get it so horribly wrong. Like our name would suggest our company ethos is not a complicated matter and that includes the payday loans we offer. To get the cash you need, and most importantly when you need it most – now! Navigate to our application page and receive your instant payday loan today!