November 27, 2014, 9:34 pm
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Loans for any emergency

No fax loans are taken out when you are in desperate need of cash. The whole concept behind them is that they are a fast cash answer to immediate financial problems, and therefore it makes complete sense that the person in need of the loan doesn’t need to fax any documents.

Normal loan companies will often ask for the customer to fax in details of their employment and proof of their pay. This is usually in the form of bank statements or employer documents. We don’t feel this is a customer-focused approach, as obviously you need the money now, and you most probably haven’t got a fax machine or are able to dig around for bank statements.

A lot of loan companies will market themselves on the principle that they deliver their loans on the same day, in fact we do (within 1 hour), however, what they are not to keen to mention is that they will require you to fax in documents after you have been successful with your application.

So a customer in need of instant cash applies for a loan and to then realise they have to fax in documents. What’s the use in this when they require the loan now.

People use payday loans as they cannot wait days or even weeks for the cash. It is often for emergencies and in that situation ideal.

We offer the service because we know it’s what you need. Everything about payday loans is designed around the customer, for example we don’t require you pay a fee in order to receive the cash on the same day, this is another trick providers use, we don’t.

There are no hidden fees to take out a loan

Please feel free to look around and see what you think, we know their are a lot of providers at the moment, however this rise in websites is mis-leading. A lot do not offer a customer orientated service and are mis-selling their loans as a payday loan no faxing and same day loan.