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The United Kingdom Payday Loan Product

Offering an invaluable service to customers in need of emergency cash, the UK same day cash advance carries no hidden charges to you, the customer – this includes being accepted and funded on the same day. All we charge is the interest as specified on the charges page, repayable with the loan amount on your next pay day.

If you are paid weekly do not worry, we offer the advance over a period of 31 days, so simply specify the pay date that falls just before that period and that you wish to use in order to repay your loan.

Payday loans online application

Your Loan = Your Choice

The uses for the 1 month loan offered are of no significance to whether we approve your loan application. We have no preference what you spend the money on, our only preference is guaranteeing a same day service and that you repay the loan amount.

Same Day

Life can throw up unforeseen events, emergency bills, and overdue fines or to simply get you cash before your next payday. Our role is to offer an answer to these problems. That is why we offer guaranteed payday loans to be deposited the same day.

The application happens totally online, this ensures the details of your request for a no credit check payday loan are processed as soon as we receive them. The automated computer service means that from the click of the application submit button we are processing your loan. Because of the speed in which we handle loan requests, the 1 month payday loan funding happens as soon as 1 hour after you have been successful in your loan application, our system makes it easy to get a payday loan in the UK.

  • 100% online application
  • 100% no paperwork
  • 100% upfront on the services we offer

 When you need a friendly reliable source for fast approvals on UK loans you needn’t look any further than the one stop for payday loans online – Simple Payday. Over the years we have helped countless people secure the fast cash they have needed in order to survive until they reach that time of the month.