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Same day deposits and often funding within the hour*
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Most of the lenders that we work with offer same day faster payments. So if you qualify for a loan you can expect it in a couple of hours at most*.

Avoid catastrophe and avert disasters

Plug the leak in your life until you get paid. Payday loans give you enough space to breathe until you reach the end of the month and your pay-cheque.

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We know emergencies require quick responses and so a payday loan will take mere minutes to apply for and the decision is made while you wait.

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Do you have a financial emergency?

When you find yourself in an emergency situation and simply do not have the funds, or the resources in order to cover it, payday loans could be the solution to your short term financial problems. Designed to cover you for emergency situations just before payday arrives, these short term loans have a fixed rate of interest which is repayable in one instalment along with the loan amount after no more than 30-days.

The application process couldn't be easier, if you meet the basic criteria you could be approved. Loans between the amounts of £100 and £1000 are available and all that is standing between you and a decision on how much you can borrow is a simple 2-minute application form. The funds are then dispatched the same day* direct to your UK bank account.

We're an established appointed loans introducer and as such adhere to a strict set of rules and regulations as set-out by the regulatory bodies. We are fully transparent with our terms and privacy policies and also will never charge you a fee for our services. Please note that borrowers are not under any obligation to take out a loan simply by filling out the application form. It is only after this form has been filled out that you will be offered a decision and a loan agreement, the signing of this loan agreement necessitates a commitment under the terms outlined in the agreement.

Fill out an application and get a decision online

Easy as 1,2,3...

  • Read the website fully to understand
    what payday loans are and the charges
  • Fill out the 5-minute application form
    through this website
  • Receive a decision from our panel of
    lenders quickly

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One-time payment

Payday loans carry a fixed rate interest. This is repayable on your next payday

Representative Example: £200 for 30 days, you would repay a single payment of £248.00. Interest is 292% per annum (variable). Representative 1269.7% APR

These loans carry a higher APR as they are repaid after only one month and not a year


Let us help

Our customers come from all walks of life and all backgrounds. They utilise the ease and simplicity of same day loans for any number of financial emergencies.
  • • Broken down car - Crucial if vehicles are used for work or for school run
  • • Overdue bills - Phone bills, electricity or gas
  • • Emergency dental treatment - You can only put up with toothache for so long
  • • Unplanned overdraft - These fees can increase daily

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Don't run into trouble and plan ahead

Payday loans can be a help to many people but a hindrance to many that fail to repay these high interest loans on time. These loans carry a higher APR than any other form of credit on the market. This leaves many protesters, protagonists and observers with the collective thought that this form of borrowing is to high cost and does not serve the greater good of low income families. What these groups of people are neglecting is the fact that other financial institutions, namely banks and building societies, charge just as much interest for customers that go overdrawn on their current accounts as payday lenders do for their services.

Those that can handle their finances - and not often caught short before their payday arrives, then for those people short term loans can be used in a positive manner. Where the problem arises is when a person that cannot manage their money fills out an application, receives a loan and the next month (added also to the fact that they cannot handle their finances under normal circumstances) they also must now repay a loan from the previous month. This is when you had customers’ rolling over their payday loan as they just simply cannot afford their monthly outgoings on top of the repayments loan amount.

This resulted in a nationwide clampdown on payday lenders that offered consumers credit that they could not afford. Many payday lenders were caught out and some payday lenders even filing insolvency since the legislation took hold. The industry now is regulated closely and all lenders and brokers checked incessantly to ensure that they are being fair to customers and their needs.

Payday loans needn't be a hassle if you can handle your finances correctly. What this means is that if you're often in the same position on a monthly basis where you run out of money one week or two weeks before payday this means that this will be happening more than likely in the forthcoming months. Therefore in this situation if you had to repay a loan plus interest along with your daily normal outgoings, you will find it hard to also repay a loan and charges on top. Meaning you are high risk of failure to repay and having to roll over the loan amount.

This is the group of people that are at risk from payday loans and should not utilise the services of payday lenders. Those not at risk include those that do not have a monthly problem and more like an occasional financial problem maybe once or twice a year.

There will inevitably be times in your life when an unexpected expense leads you to need to look into temporary forms of credit. Problems such as household emergencies, unexpected bills or necessary large purchases can mean that your incomings for one
Over the past few years, banks have increasingly come under fire for what have been deemed ‘unfair’ or ‘unexpected’ charges and penalties on customers’ accounts. Until relatively recently banks would apply charges of up to £30 per day to accounts as penalties
A new financial year is a good time to start getting a grip on your finances. Having control of your money can mean the difference between living well or teetering on the edge of bankruptcy.  Statistics show that people who do not manage their money are
Quick financing can be an extremely advantageous solution for people finding themselves in need of a relatively small cash injection towards the end of the month, and that find themselves unable to borrow from their bank due to a poor credit rating or
CCJ's demonstrate a mishandling of one's finance's previously - leading to a black-mark against your name
Every year, thousands of people in the UK get into serious difficulties with debt, and one of the most serious problems a person can face with debt
Everywhere you look these days – newspapers, television, even on street corners – you can’t help but see how stressed out people are over finances. No matter how far we stretch our paycheck, it just doesn’t seem to go far enough. It appears as though
How about just managing your finances better?

This website is for short-term help for your finances, and is not a long-term solution to your money worries. For that, you will quite simply need to become more efficient with your money.
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