How about just managing your finances better?

This website is for short-term help for your finances, and is not a long-term solution to your money worries. For that, you will quite simply need to become more efficient with your money.

Clear your Debts

To begin with, in the long run you will be much better off if you concentrate on clearing all of your existing debts, whether they be from credit cards, store cards or elsewhere, before spending or saving again. Avoid borrowing money from various different sources if possible, as these commitments can quickly become difficult to keep track of. What helps massively, of course, is to avoid such debt to begin with. Always budget carefully, and leave something spare if possible to allow you to make your routine payments on time before drastic intervention is needed. If at all possible, it helps to adopt the attitude of never spending money you do not have.

Borrow Money Wisely

Even with the best intentions cash availability problems, often of the especially sudden and unexpected variety, sadly can and do happen. It is at those times when you are really feeling the pinch that taking out a quickie advance can be the best solution. You can apply right now and receive a decision and funding today, which does not usually need to be paid until 31 days later – perfect for giving you temporary financial peace of mind.

Quicker than prince William’s hairline

If you need a sum of money quickly, then you may not be sure who to turn to. Banks are very good at lending out larger sums, but they can be strangely reluctant to give out small sums, such as £1000 or £2000.

They will also take several weeks to come to a decision about your loan, which can be too long when you need the money urgently. You might also consider that a refusal from a bank can have a negative effect upon your credit rating, and this can have serious repercussions when you need to take out a lot of money, such as a mortgage or a car loan.

Alternatives to Banks

Instead of giving up your idea of taking out a loan, you should consider some of the alternatives, such as a online payday loan company. These businesses offer you a loan for a short period of time, usually around a month in the UK, which you can use to solve your urgent need for money. Payday loans are a quick and simple way to finding money that you need, urgently.

Applying for Larger Sums Online

Once you have become familiar with the concept of small loans, you can start trying to apply for larger sums, until you get the amount that you need. Most companies will not be willing to lend more than around £1500, so you will need to research other payday lenders who can offer you a larger sum, perhaps on the condition of your credit being examined, and proper proofs faxed to the office. The smaller the loan request, the more likely you are to have an easy passage to approval.

You may make use of our cash loans for whatever purpose you may have. We understand that those who borrow money from short term lenders are generally those in the greatest and most urgent need of it, so we ensure rapid approval of payday loans usually within 48 hours of up to £750 without the need to even meet anyone face-to-face.

Do you find yourself in sticky situations?

These situations could include paying unforeseen bills that have come up at the last moment and could not be paid any other way but with some kind of advance. These could include medical bills, or indeed anything else for which another immediate source of financial support (such as friends and family) is not available. You may also use it to help pay more predictable financial obligations, such as rent. Another reason could be to fund a holiday or car purchase, as well as to make purchases for upcoming special occasions to which you are not able to stretch with your present available funds.

How You Can Get the Loan

The great news is that we do not demand too much from you in order to be eligible: all we ask is that you are 18 years old or older, are a resident of the UK, have an active bank account and are presently employed and receive a regular wage. You will need to establish that you have a regular income, and will be earning enough to pay back the full loan within one month.

Are you eligible?

Over 18?
Are you a UK resident?
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