Don’t be closed out because of previous defaults

No denying it, they are two of the most intimidating words in the English language today. How could they be anything else, when we are bombarded from every possible angle all day long about the horrors of an imperfect credit score or the subsequent ways it will make the rest our days a living hell?

True, a poor credit record can close a lot of doors to us in certain aspects of life, but by no means all of them. Purely by association rather than condescension, it has to be acknowledged that less than perfect credit often, but not always of course, goes hand in hand with a generally bad financial standing. After all, it is rare to find a media tycoon or baron of all things business denied for a Mastercard.

The so-called ‘common man’ on the other hand is a different story altogether. There are so many potential pitfalls in everyday life that financial decisions, even in their simplest form pose a minefield of possible outcomes. An overspend at the supermarket, bounced cheque to the phone company or even banking error can all potentially result in blemishes on a credit report. Combine multiple examples and it really is spectacularly easy to have your otherwise good name besmirched by the ever-powerful record keepers.

Don’t deal with records

The fact of the matter is people sometimes need a hand just as much as those lucky enough to have impeccable records, often more so. Susceptible to all the same daily disasters, the last thing anyone would want to hear in a time of crisis is that nobody wants to help them. “You have no money; I will therefore give you no money!” This inherently leads to further finance problems, leading to a poorer credit rating, back to square one and so on. It can be an unpleasant, unbreakable cycle nobody would wish to be caught it.

Our loans online on the other hand are applicable to anyone in genuine need, regardless of credit status. Now just because you apply for the loan does not guarantee that you will receive it, and yes there will be a check made to a credit reporting bureau.

Granted the amounts offered here at Simple Payday are small, designed to help in times of crisis and offer simple, clear repayment options while bypassing pointless bureaucracy.

It is important to bear in mind that the loans are designed as a means by which to attain a quick boost when needed for relatively minor purposes and should not be considered a long-term solution to serious financial problems. If unsure, it is always advisable to speak to an agent via the chat function or phone before agreeing any loans with us, as taking on anything above your means will yield no benefit for either party.

That being said, if a loan ticks all the right boxes, you can leave your credit woes and aspersions in the past and join the 21st century, where finally someone has realised there is more to life than the black and white reports big brother holds.

I love instant payday loansIs it right for me?

Payday loans are no new concept in the financial world, though it is only of late that they have come into their own as an essential service for an ever growing market. In the simplest terms possible, they exist to provide smaller cash sums to help applicants survive until their next Payday. Indeed, simplicity is one of the key aspects of payday loans, offering a much more straightforward service to the more conventional alternative.

High Street lenders are the best choice for long-term investments and major purchases, but where their services end, the payday loan comes in. Designed to offer a helping-hand in times of crisis or wage-packet advance for whatever the reason, these short-term loans are available in smaller, more manageable sums requiring far less in the way of commitment.

These are unsecured, easy to apply for and, much to the relief of many, available on the same day. The whole process can usually be carried out online in a matter of minutes, but for anyone unsure or needing a little advice, there are always consultants keen to help by email or over the phone.

Fully registered and accountable

Not to be confused with the door-kicking loan sharks of old, modern companies are fully registered financial businesses adhering to strict codes of practice and answering to a higher regulator. Contracts are created with repayment terms individual to each lender, with every penny accounted for and the guarantee of no hidden fees or complicated interest charges. Everything is agreed in advance, up front and can be exceedingly competitive if correctly adhered to.

And so, on to the second question: are they right for you? Well, to keep things nice and simple in tune with the theme here, if your need ticks all the boxes mentioned previously then it could indeed be a sound decision. Using the online system, you can find out exactly how much you qualify to borrow in relation to your circumstances, along with exactly how much it will cost you to do so. Nothing is hidden, nothing is deliberately over-complicated.

As long as it’s used for the purpose intended, the industry offer an invaluable alternative to overdraft charges, late payment fees, credit rating destruction and so on. If you need a quick bailout and understand that it will not provide a long term miracle solution to deeper debt problems, there’s certainly little to lose by a little further snooping.


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