Payday-Loan-truthWhen money gets tight and you want to enjoy yourself what are the options? Well not many, however a online loan could be the help you need.

More often than not it is the weekends that tend to stretch our finances to breaking point. We work during the week and watch the pennies, but as soon as the weekend descends on us we want to unwind and enjoy ourselves, the finances are let loose and we are wistful and the thriftiness vanishes. We demand to have a good time and justify it by the amount of time and effort we put in to getting that money.

This can cause problems financially when we haven’t got access to the cash we need to enjoy ourselves. The situation is common across the country, with people saying to heck with it and accepting that they will be charged by their bank for going overdrawn.

Simple Payday can offer a solution to overdraft charges, if you do the math I’m sure you will realise it could be much cheaper on your pocket. This in the form of a no-hassle payday loan. When approved, no matter what day it is, the money will be deposited within 2 hours, straight to your bank account.

This service makes ridiculous bank charges a thing we no-longer have to endure. It simply takes five minutes to fill out an online application and the money is yours faster than you can say ‘fast cash please.’

Conditions apply that you should be over 18 to apply for a loan, have a UK bank account and earn over £333 per month. Straight-forward sense from the UK’s preferred payday loan provider.

Here at Simple Payday it couldn’t be easier to get a quick loan. The online application form makes a cash loan of any amount between £80 and £750 fast and easy to be approved for. The application takes minutes and the money is then deposited as soon as 2 hours later, how fast and easy is that?

Crisis loans available 24 hours a day never closes and is open for business everyday all day. Because our online loan application is automated, to get fast cash when you need it most is easy and convenient. The loan is then deposited the same-day via CHAPS at no extra cost to you, unlike some other websites we do not charge you a fee for this service, making our payday loans the only true instant solution.Simple Payday a easy solution to unforeseen cash problems.

Our loans are a perfect solution when bills arrive at inconvenient times of the month, perhaps just near the end of the month when your pay cheque can stretch no more. The beauty of the online loan service is its speed and how quick the cash is there for you to use. No hassle and no stress is necessary, the loan is transferred straight into your personal bank account.


The truth about many ‘payday loan’ broker websites

The world as they say is a funny place. If you are currently looking into the Internet as a place to make money then this is definitely true, if you are looking at finding an online advance then this is slightly true.

There is literally truck loads of sites and content on both subjects, bad credit loans having the former in the guise of loads of sites and not so much content. The amount of sites even astounds me. The funny thing is that they are all offering basically the same thing, yep you guessed it a loan, but what do I mean they are offering the same thing, well I’ll simplify it for you.

To be honest I would actually break the marketplace down into 3 tiers, you have the lower group of sites that have mostly been set-up from places like India, but not necessarily. These sites are very easy to differentiate as they are usually low on content, sometimes even only having the one page and that being the application form, most times the graphics will for want of a better word be crap, and the language used not correct. These sites operate in a way that is referred to as affiliate marketing or brokers, the form on their pages are provided by one of the main lenders, the form is literally nothing to do with the site and is hot-linked to the lenders application system. They are not permitted to have any interaction with the customer or the customer’s details as they are not legally registered to do so, the form is a script provided by a lender, don’t worry it sounds a little strange but it is perfectly safe for the customer. This low-level enterprise is usually very unfruitful as the amount of customers it attracts is minimal and the effort put in to promote it the same, it is however very easy and cheap to set-up, you  will just need to register a domain, host, and load up a lenders form to place on that domain. Could be done for as cheap as £20 per year. To enlighten you how the owner will be paid is that every time a customer takes a loan through their site they will receive a commission. This is why it tends to be unfruitful as the only people that will find the site are desperate for a loan and have already applied through a dozen sites already, as the site uses one lender chances are the person is wasting their time as they have unknowingly applied a million times already, and been refused.

how payday loans work

Some people just want a quick loan

I know from the amount of declines on this site that there are a lot of people that for one reason or another cannot take no for an answer and apply at every site they can possibly find. they are under the impression that every site on the net is a lender, this isn’t the case. So if they are applying on one site they have already been declined by the specific lender, unknowingly, and are simply repeating the process of applying to the same lender yet are unaware of this as the site is presented differently.

Simple Payday now have all 26 UK lenders incorporated into our application form – Fill out your details once then choose which lender to use.

Tier 2, to keep up with the theme, is made up of sites that have more money put into them, they have a well-designed site, well written content and usually more content than the tier 1’s. These sites are more geared towards attracting first-time customers and not the people that are going round to every possible site after being declined, this way they will make some commission. Again these sites are not lenders either, however their forms, as their sites have had a little bit more investment, are probably programmed differently. Instead of being linked to a single lender they may will be linked to 2 or 3, not to go into it in too much detail but this makes it more profitable for the site as they can try each lender, more chance of being approved by one. As these sites are not actual lenders there are a few give away signs, no phone number is one of them as well as no chat support, this makes for as little maintenance as possible. Another thing that usually defines these sites are b***sh** content, you know the sort. Endless content that is a very obvious marketing ploy, it goes along the lines of  this:

“I was in need of a helpline and was feeling at my lowest ebb, I couldn’t think of anywhere I would be able to find help for my emergency dental treatment. Just when I thought the gods were not listening to my prayers, they were answered when I found the fast loan site. I applied and 5 minutes later the funds were winging there way to me so I could have my crucial surgery. Thank you so much blah blah blah blah blahhhhh.”

This is a way that the site owner can put content up on the site and  bulk it out, hopefully being looked on favourably by the search engines like the big G. This does not help the customer at all, it is completely useless 99% of the time, it is simply serving the purpose of cramming in the word payday loan more. These articles are usually outsourced from India and the reader can tell, the context is usually that of paying for something that in the UK you don’t pay for, such as hospital fees, and it is written extremely poorly. Some of these sites try extremely hard to attract customers, they are constantly in the sponsored listings of search listings or adsense and have lots of bad articles written on sites such as ezine pointing to their domain.

Tier 3 are actual lenders. There are very little of these, maybe half a dozen. These are easily spotted as they do not have most of the content praising online loans and have smooth running sites, they are big businesses after all, generating enough income to employ people in offices across several countries. These sites do not need to write ridiculously obvious marketing articles as they are linked from all the brokers in the shape of their forms, so have no need to enter into this.

The problem with the whole thing is that customers are not aware and so will apply at multiple sites in the hope of getting a loan, for whatever reason they have been declined, yet do not know this and so are just being declined by the same system constantly. Eg. if they have applied at one site chances are the next is  linked to all the same lenders. It is a complete waste of time, if you have applied through one site and been declined chances are you will be declined through others.

Why am I telling you all this, I don’t know, I’ve just kind of got sick of the whole obvious thing, also I doubt it will put people off applying at a million sites. They probably won’t believe me. The site this blog is linked to differs slightly to every model I’ve outlined, however not that much, lets be honest here. What I will say is if you are in need of such a loan have a look at the site, link found at the top of this article, and check the terms, this is monitored and we are one of the most competitive in terms of interest etc. If on the other hand you have been scouring the net and applied to a million other sites it probably won’t be the answer. However I am going to put a link up that will take you to our sister site and a lender that does not offer the capability to integrate themselves into other sites and therefore you probably haven’t applied there before, this is because this is the only site they take applications from.

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