Say goodbye to waiting

In this day and age of everything now, now, now we allow you to get the money you need in as little as 1 hour*; this is because the process encompasses all the aspects that make online cash advances the most convenient. This includes the fact customers will not be asked to fax in any documents or verify any details by phone*. That’s right everything is done through the wonderful world of the Internet. The moment you press that submit button you will know your online loan request has been received and you will get an quick decision.

Uses for loans

The varying climates we are now experiencing in the UK means that where once everyday activities were once easy to predict and prepare for, even mundanely so, now even the simplest of day to day activities can lead you into a financial quagmire. An example of this are vet bills. More and more our loved cats and dogs are becoming prone to the sudden changes in temperatures and the hazards that come with that. These unexpected costs can strike at any given moment and it is for this reason why instant finance, when we need it, is a real life-saver.

Another casualty of the weather – hot or cold, can be our motor vehicles; causing the engines to overheat or freeze up. This is a well known money pit when something goes wrong. You take it to the garage and the long drawn out humming of the mechanic might as well be a warning claxon that you are heading for a serious financial dip into the proverbial pocket. When cash is tight and these claxons are sounding look no further than an cash advance online that can be in your pocket within the hour. This can save you an exorbitant amount of worry if you have to use your vehicle for work or necessary journeys.

Bridging a gap

The need for bridging loans became apparent to us when we first started within the industry. This type of credit is taken out because it is an on the spot payment to the borrower. We found that many websites were promising this deal yet the customer often was asked for further details, causing further delay and negating the convenience of the service. This varied from being asked for proof of employment to the need for some companies actually contacting the employer! Our lenders will NEVER contact your employer or place of work, this, along with many other aspects, is one we just didn’t agree with or understand.

Clear and concise

Again read through our site and see how it all works and what you need to qualify, it really is straight-forward, this is why we just don’t understand why so many other companies get it so horribly wrong. Like our name would suggest our company ethos is not a complicated matter. To get the cash you need, and most importantly when you need it most – now! Navigate to our application page and receive your approval today!

Do your payday lenders require me to fax in documents?

In most circumstances, the first port of call for financial assistance lies in the safe and comforting arms of the major High Street bank rather than the seemingly seedier side of borrowing from other sources. Generations of pedigree combined with worldwide reputation and fairly easy accessibility certainly makes for an attractive choice in a time of need. There is, however, an increasingly popular alternative causing many people to think twice about the standard of service they expect from a financier in the form of online services.

When a small sum of money is required for whatever the purpose, it would be sensible to assume that the application process would be much simpler than if applying for a major loan, right? Well, this is not the case for the majority of High Street lenders who still require any prospective borrower to jump through proverbial hoops and be prepared to complete an aptitude test or two before their application for £300 will even be considered.

I love simple payday

Of course, it is not difficult to understand why a detailed check of a person’s financial standings would be sensible for £250,000 mortgage or even £10,000 car loan, but if borrowing a few hundred to pay a gas bill is it really relevant that you went a fiver over your credit limit four years ago?

Bad Credit Rating?

Even with a glowing credit history and a resume which ticks all the correct boxes without question, you can still expect an endless cycle of inconvenient meetings and ill-timed phone calls before the agreement is finalized, not to mention the inherent waiting period before the money is deposited. Arguably not worth the hassle for a small sum, which is why most people rarely bother.

The difference with wage day advances on the other hand exist for the single reason of catering to this need, therefore taking all applicable considerations into account. The whole process is carried out online in a matter of minutes requiring no life story and no uncomfortable conversations If the basic requirements are met, acceptance is pretty much a certainty with the money arriving almost instantly*.

It is also easier than ever to dispel the unfounded myths regarding fees and charges associated with the service by checking out their services in full online, finally putting to bed the worries of old and opening up this all too overlooked service.


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