Common reasons for using a payday loan

Why do people take out payday loans? This is a little like asking how long a piece of string is…there is no short answer.  However, enjoying a challenge, we have decided to have a go anyway! There are a few reasons which seem to re-occur more than others and, even though unimportant to your payday loan lender, here are a few examples:

Forgotten Anniversary

To say you’ve put your foot in it here might qualify for understatement of the year, but thankfully this comfortingly common occurrence no longer needs to signify the call to domestic Armageddon. Plus you won’t cause further quarrel by getting over your head in debt!

Car Repairsonline payday for car repairs

If your car is going to break down, odds are it will wait until the ideal moment to leave you up the proverbial creek before doing so. The thing about payday loans online is that they are perfect for securing a quick repair, or at least funding your bus journeys while you hunt for a replacement!

Unexpected bill

Unexpected bills occur for two reasons, these being genuine oversight and selective amnesia. Either way, whatever reason the bill was ‘forgotten’ and left unpaid, a quick cash injection is surely favourable to the loss of your utilities.


In the modern grind, a holiday is less a luxury and more of a medical requirement to defer the onset of workplace insanity. Thankfully, holidays once considered a luxury investment reserved for the elite are now more affordable than ever. Thusly, a loan of a week or two’s wages could now fund a break previously requiring a second mortgage.


T’is the season to be brass-ic! Forgive the cynical standpoint but who can claim Christmas is a cheap affair? Rather than struggle, why not borrow a couple of wage packets from dark, gloomy January and have a decent blow-out? Leave the ‘Value’ range on the shelf and spoil yourself as well as everyone else!

Unforeseen Clothing Purchases

Job interviews are painful enough without having to worry about whether your frankly evil tie will or will not cover the large gravy stain your shirt displays a little too proudly. This can also be applied to dates, weddings, funerals and anything else with a sense of occasion. If clothes speak volumes about the person inside, a small investment here could be a vital one.

home repairs with payday loansHome Repairs

The great thing about home insurance is the feeling of security it provides, regardless of how it laughs in your face when you have a real emergency! Act of God, Force Majeure, however they justify it, you’re coughing up the dough!

Home Improvements

If your home isn’t falling apart from the foundations up, surely there’s furniture here and there in need of a little tweaking? Minor loans allow you to, quoting the old cliché, buy now pay later, which is ideal if you happen to stumble over a bargain to good to let escape.

Vet Bills

Vets have never been cheap, this is simply a fact. With pets now occupying positions in families with equal, often higher regard than the actual blood members, it seems we’re willing to pay practically any price to keep our PETS well. Accidents and surprise illnesses can pack a heavy punch, where quick cash loans can literally be life-savers.

Other Debt

Although generally recommended against, the more savvy financial mind can use short-term loans to augment spiralling charges and penalties as an emergency solution. The reason this can be frowned upon lies in its likelihood to plunge the bearer further into the horrors of debt if not handled with extreme care and attention. Approach with due caution!

Road Tax

Even though it is printed in bold lettering right in front of us, forgotten car tax renewals are one of the biggest headaches an absent minded driver can face. No money to pay the tax…huge penalties if driven without. The answer? A small cash loan to keep you moving and avoid the dreaded bus-stop altogether.

New School Year

An emotional time for all parties involved if ever there was one, so why add further drama to the situation by struggling to buy the clothes, shoes, bags, pens, pencils and other seemingly endless provisions needed?



Of course, this list is far from exhaustive but it does go some way to illustrate the everyday hiccups and happenings a quick loan can help smooth over. There is no right or wrong reason to need a helping hand, but there’s certainly an easy or difficult way out of a cash crisis.


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